What is Switch?

SWITCH is an experiential, total-body workout unlike anything else – rewritten and produced each day, ensuring you never repeat the identical workout, keeping Switch relevant, unique and interesting.


Players make their way through the studio “playground” in pairs, completing a total of 21 workout stations, each lasting 2 minutes. The switchover between stations allows for our trainers to demonstrate the next sequence of movements. The main emphasis of each class is to make it fun, exciting and a full body push/pull workout with intensive cardio in between.


SWITCH is the only group training class of its kind, offering the vibe of group classes but with multiple instructors to ensure perfect form and correct execution of movement by all players at all stations.
A live DJ fuels your energy and coupled with a partner, lighting and special effects and a main instructor on the mic, a theatre of fitness and wellness awaits.

What sets SWITCH apart is a philosophy that extends beyond simply challenging the body and living healthily, it is also designed to stimulate the mind and revive the soul. We call this the SWITCH Trifecta. Be UnStoppable. Come play.

Unexplained only experienced


SWITCH Playground was founded in Cape Town, South Africa by Steve Uria, an internationally acclaimed visionary whose fitness career has spanned 3 decades. Steve’s programs have revolutionised the fitness industry, including the very first Bootcamp, Ruthless, Blast 900 and SWEAT 1000.

Steve’s roots in South Africa’s Special Forces Military training provided him with the foundation to push beyond preconceived limits, and pursue personal empowerment – a philosophy he continually practices and a passion he inspires in others.

Whether training the many beginners who come to his class, or the professional athletes who continually seek him out such as Oscar de la Hoya, Jamal Lewis, and Charles Barkley, Steve’s mission is simple: to bring out the very best in each client that walks through the doors of SWITCH Playground, and have them feeling stronger and better than when they walked in.


You know what the world doesn’t need?

Another Gym.
Another way to train.

You know what it does need though? It needs to flick the switch on our current paradigm to health.

Getting healthy shouldn’t be something you do. It should be something that happens whilst you’re having a blast. Training should not be the goal, it should be the by-product. That’s why at SWITCH we never set out to find a new way to train. We set out to create the most fun you could have in an hour – where health and fitness are natural side-effects.

That’s because SWITCH is not just about having a healthy body. It’s about having a healthy mind, body and soul. We don’t want to flick the switch on one thing – we want to flick it for everything!

SWITCH is the tonic for the ADD generation. We crave input and change at every corner. Some try to fight that. At SWITCH we embrace it as a core philosophy. F*** sameness! F*** boring! The people in the market for boring are spoiled for choice! You see, SWITCH is more than just training. It’s about shifting gears, changing it up, escaping the mundane. Pushing from one station to the next with all the energy and vigour your body has in it. It’s about pain today and strength tomorrow. A guided experience of training at its best!

It’s bringing your A-game into every session and giving it your all, leaving excuses at the door. It’s about your mind, body and soul. The SWITCH trifecta. Setting your intentions to ensure you walk out that door better than how you entered – fitter, faster, better, stronger, happier, on a high.

Most of all, SWITCH is about fun – and those 2 minutes you have to make a difference. And you will make a difference.

Welcome to The Playground!

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