Ah, the autumn leaves are falling, there’s a slight chill in the air and like clockwork, there’s a lot less people in your gym and workout class than there was just a few weeks ago! So, if you feel like you’re lacking luster to get up in the morning, feeling a little more inclined than usual to dip into the cookie jar or just feel like going home, binge watching Netflix and lazing under a blanket instead of working out… well, you’re not alone. I’m 100% with you! But, if you’re trying to achieve earth shattering goals, make monster moves and are really trying to change your life from the inside out, then choosing average and succumbing to the ease of bailing out “on account of the weather,” is just not going to work for you!

Stop convincing yourself that you’re going into hibernation mode, stocking up your fat stores and harboring your energy for the summer to come. Let’s be better! Let’s begin to nurture our mindsets so we can live our best lives.

Let’s breathe consistency!

We all hear it all the time- the importance of being consistent when the chips are down, or the odds are against us is honestly the secret to the highest levels of success. I’ve witnessed this so many times with friends and family members and it truly is the only way to achieve any and every goal! If we are tenacious when things are tough, we will be cruising to the top of the mountain when the terrain is in our favor.

Just like you, I have missed a workout here and there because “Urgh, I’m just too tired today,” or “It’s impossible to get up in the morning as it gets colder,’ and the truth is, these are silly excuses we all make to validate letting our lazy bone take over our motivations and hunger to achieve. But how can we change this? How can we choose better, remember what our end goal is and stay the course? Well, it’s simple… remember why you started!

When we are motivated from a genuine place seeking fulfillment, then being consistent, staying the course and leaving our rinky dink excuses at the door becomes so much easier. Getting up in the morning becomes a no brainer. Saying no to your third cookie becomes easier and going full steam ahead when everyone else falls to the wayside becomes an even greater motivation than ever before!

This month let’s all become more accountable, ridiculously persistent and motivated to fight our change of season lazy bone!

This week I challenge you to change your mindset towards food, to try out different and exciting proteins, fats and carbs, to put the refined sugars, especially that chocolate aside (This one’s actually for me), and to push yourself to know more about nutrition by reading a little each day to help you understand your own body to better your results!

Keep working, keep grinding and just keep going!

Yours truly,

Charelle x

Wardah Hartley is a Switch Playground instructor, personal trainer as well as a fitness and mommy blogger for www.fabufit.co.za. She is a wife and mom to her two-year old son Esa.