Tuesday, June 16, 2020

You can’t plan for everything.

Switch Playground closed its doors on Thursday the 19th March as we prepared ourselves for 3 weeks of lockdown. 3 weeks turned into 4, and before we knew it Switch Playground was closed for 12 weeks and we cannot say for certain when we will be back on the playground. We were not able to foresee this… Switch Sandton is a little over a year old and all of a sudden we found ourselves studioless. However, we know our clients and we knew that they wanted to train regardless of the situation.

Switch Playground is driven by the idea that we have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. This simple idea helps the team make decisions that are true to our values. For this reason – Switch On(line) was born. This was a solution to keeping people active and moving, despite the restrictions. 


No Studio… No problem! 

We weren’t going to let our lack of studio stop us. Quickly, we were able to transform our lounges, garages and gardens into training and recording spaces. We saw our clients training in their dining rooms, passageways and anywhere with a free 1,5 metre square space! We put our heads together and realised that although dumbbells and resistance bands are nice to have – two cans of chickpeas and a pair of stockings will work just fine! We encourage our clients to use what they have at home – water bottles, cans or just about any hand-size object can be a weight, towels and stockings can double up as resistance bands, and paper plates or cloths work really well as gliders.

It’s not the place that creates the playground, it’s the people…

We created Switch On(line) for the people, for our family, because we knew that, just like us, they would be missing the playground too. Our Switch On(line) family quickly started to grow, and is still growing. Every morning and evening we see familiar faces waving to one another as they get ready to work out together, but apart. Now, more than ever, we value our Switch community as it is always easier to put in your best when you have 20 familiar faces smiling back at you.

Exercise is empowering

If you ever feel like you have no control over your situation, you have clearly never burnt 600 calories in a Switch Class at 5am – just because you felt like it! The people of South Africa have quickly come to realise that even if we have no control over what we can or cannot buy, we can control how we move our bodies. Level 4 in our lockdown saw thousands of people flock to the street in celebration of being able to stretch their legs once more. At Switch, we have learnt the importance of the power of exercise. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to move your body and to feel your own power. This is something we value and appreciate more than ever during these challenging times. Movement has the ability to free the mind and revitalise the soul while simultaneously connecting people. As much as we would love to give you a killer workout in person, we are trying our best to help you at home. So that when we come together again we can all be happier, fitter and stronger.

But what happens next?

We are patiently waiting for the go ahead from the South African government which will allow us to open our doors once again. In the meantime, the Switch team has used this time to reinvent ourselves. We are more than ready for you, and we look forward to when we can burst open our studio doors to the sound of our Switch DJ and the excited chatters of our clients waiting to do another amazing workout. Our next article will look at how the Playground has changed to adapt to COVID-19 and we also look forward to introducing our new concepts of Gold’s Gym and HIIT House. 

For now, we’re making sure to take the time to be grateful for everything we have in our lives and especially for the power of a good sweat session. 

Mad Love,

The Switch Squad 

Author: Erin Miller